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Why Hello There!

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Fresh Boba

Bing Tea brings a new concept to New Mexico where boba is made in-house daily. We make them in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. Our fresh boba is sweet, soft and chewy. 

Traditional boba is black; but since we make our own boba, we hold the power of creativity. Different flavors & different colors for a fun twist. We keep the flavors subtle so you can enjoy more of the flavor of your drinks. Fresh boba is a great add-on and goes great with ANY of our drinks to complete your boba tea experience. Follow us on our social media to stay up to date on the latest fresh boba of the month!


Premium Loose Leaf Tea

All of our teas are carefully handpicked by our bobaristas. Our teas are all loose leaf, never powdered. 

Our teas are aromatic, bright and vibrant. All of our teas go through a 17-step testing process to ensure that it represents our steep love for tea. Pun intended <3

honeycomb mochi waffles_edited.jpg

Honeycomb Mochi Waffles?!

Something sweet... Something chewy...

We are also the first to bring you Mochi waffles. Our honeycomb mochi waffles is just absolutely the cutest waffle on a stick you can find! It's sweet, it's chewy and it's just cute. What more would we need?! :D

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